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The Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists represents the interests of professional psychologists in the Philadelphia area. It seeks to promote the art and science of our profession, provide continuing education for mental health professionals, ensure the availability of services to the general public, and advocate on behavioral health issues in the public forum. The Human Services Center of PSCP, our service organization, provides referrals, consultation, psychological services, public education programs, and a speakers bureau.

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This membership level is for those who have a professional, educational or scientific interest in the field of psychology and are not currently eligible for the general membership level.

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Student Membership

This membership level is for current graduate students in regionally accredited universities in the field of psychology. Additional benefits include a $45 reduction of cost of CE Programs and invitations to special student-focused workshops and events. $10.00 membership is offered for first year, after that membership is $25/year. (June 1-May 31 of following year) Student members are also offered opportunities to advance their professional development by being mentored by one of our professional members and by learning about possible practicum and internships.

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